Bold. Decisive. Game-Changing.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, 

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed”

Our creed for healthcare:

  1. Focus on financial profits alone in healthcare will be extinct.
  2. Reactive strategies for financial gain will be replaced with anticipatory strategies for healing & wellbeing.
  3. Curb healthcare compliance and governance cost overruns nationally
  4. Create a US health system that efficient and effective, void of excessive complication.

Market forces will increase operating costs for companies narrowly focused on profits alone. The Feds will continuously regulate. Lobbyists will counter. Consumers try finding low-cost, higher-quality alternatives. The vicious cycle continues. The result: rapidly increasing compliance, technology, personnel, and change management costs in healthcare.

Parigan is creating a triple bottom-line focused anticipatory platform, mindset, and culture in healthcare.