NEIGHBOR MATCHING, for health & wellbeing. 


Proximity-based health & social interactions enhances health & quality of life. Yet there’s no tool to identify a neighborhood’s health & wellness score.


Live in a neighborhood that maximizes health and wellbeing. We are creating the eHarmony for matching prospective home buyers & renters with neighborhoods. Our target clients: Zillow & Trulia.


  • Patented pending algorithm matching home buyers & renters with proximity-based health & wellness providers.
  • User profiles enable conversion of neighbors to friends.
  • User profile creation & management will NOT be a cumbersome. Example questions for rapid personality identification & matching
    • Who are you like?
      • Option 1: I’m like Cam from Modern Family
      • Option 2: I’m like Jay from Modern Family
      • Option 3: I’m like Bow from Blackish
    • Who would you like the most as a neighbor?
      • Option 1: Cam & Mitch from Modern Family
      • Option 2: Dre & Bow from Blackish
      • Option 3: Huang family from Fresh off the Boat
    • What kind of family do you want as your neighbor? (select all that apply)
      • A family without young children
      • An active elderly couple
      • A family with teenagers
      • A family with pre-teenagers
      • A family with pre-schoolers
      • A family with toddlers
      • A family with a newborn
  • Integrate health & wellness scores with every property search on the web.
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