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We’re doing something game-changing.

We are building a 300 acre turn-key healthcare community in Asheville NC. All primary care will be provided on-premise. This construction project will become a master planned community like no other.

The turn-key healthcare community will be mixed use, mixed age intentional communities. All essential wellness amenities for you, your kids, and your parents on premise.

Homes range from $150k to $700k. Our homes have the option to generate income for our residents, e.g., integrated work studios, offices, meeting spaces.

Wellness designed from the ground-up.

No third-party insurers.

Self-insured, planned-wellness communities that scale regionally, nationally, and globally. With the most impactful technology on the planet.

The only turn-key wellness community in America.

We need building engineers and architects capable of creating highly social environments fostering friendships between like-minded residents.

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